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Welcome to Retaliation Linkshell!

We are a friendly GMT endgame linkshell, where every member is expected to respect each other and have fun.

We hope you enjoy your time in Retaliation!

If you need to get in touch with us for any reason, feel free to send a [/tell] to either Skippii, Cebion or Mystogan in game whenever you see one of us online.
Linkshell news

Movement of forum

skippii, May 15, 11 9:07 AM.
Retaliation forum has moved to

Recent Events - WB 1st May 2011

skippii, May 4, 11 4:44 PM.

Today we focused on Abyssea - Grauberg.
We killed Amphitrite, Azdaja, Fuath and Ningishzida.
Congratulations to all who got drops :-)

Recent Events - Abyssea

skippii, Apr 26, 11 5:25 PM.
We have been focusing our last few events on killing NMs for gear and atmas, as well as some items for AF3+2 upgrades.

Congratulations to the following people on obtaining the following gear:

Math Caller's Sash
Fireballx Belenos Mantle
Pagen Kanja Hachimaki
Skippii Augur's Gaiters
Diemx Ace's Hose
Samunai Kanja Hachimaki
Samunai Orison Earring
Math Soulscourge
Fireballx Doulscourge
Fireballx Atheling mantle
Samunai Kikugosaku
Fireballx Kikugosaku
Mystogan Orison Earring
Mystogan Atheling mantle
Pagen Atheling Mantle
Samunai Atheling Mantle
Samunai Soulscourge
Skippii Orison Earring
Skippii Kikugosaku
Math Mavi Mintan +2

Events: Week beginning 17th April 2011

skippii, Apr 20, 11 5:08 PM.
We have been busy collecting AF3+2 items this week, as well as farming NMs for particular gear.

Congratulations to the following members for obtaining:

Skippii Praeda Sabatons
Fireballx Praeda Sabatons
Samunai Lancer's Mezail +2
Samunai Raider's Bonnet +2
Samunai Orison Cap +2
Pagen Raider's Bonnet +2

Recently obtained gear!

skippii, Apr 15, 11 6:19 PM.

Congratulations to Samunai for her hard work during the last few months in obtaining her new dagger Twashtar!
Also Congratulations to Samunai for what seems a life time of trying to obtaining her Treasure Hunter hands and feet!
The waiting finally paid off   

Congratulations to the following members for attaining their gear in the last few weeks:

Fireballx Assassin's Armlets (THF)
Fireballx Monster Gloves (BST)
Flanx Assassin's Armlets (THF)
Math Etoile Casaque (DNC)
Math Wyrm Armet (DRG)
Samunai Valor Surcoat (PLD)
Samunai Abyss Burgeonet (DRK)
Tarnvedra Koga Tekko (NIN)
Fireballx Summoner's Horn (SMN)
Pagen Assassin's Armlets (THF)
Samunai Etoile Casaque (DNC)
Tarnvedra Sorcerer's Petasos (BLM)
Tarnvedra Duelist's Chapeau (RDM)
Diemx Duelist's Chapeau (RDM)

We had an amazing run on 15th April 2011, with 3 Assassin's Armlets, a Duelist's Chapeau and many other items dropping.

Recent Events

skippii, Apr 14, 11 4:54 PM.
Due to the hectic schedule lately, the news page has not been updated.

During these last few months we have been doing a range of different Abyssea events, farming items for AF3+2 upgrades for our members, as well as gear runs.

Welcome to Swiss who joined the linkshell this week.

Congratulations to all members who have received gear and items to upgrade AF3 to +2's.

Recent members gaining AF3+2 this week include:

Fireballx - Tantra Gaiters +2

Diemx - Tantra Gaiters +2
Skippii - Eastoqueur's Houseaux +2
Pagen - Raider's Poulaines +2
Samunai - Raider's Poulaines +2
Mystogan  - Orison Duckbills +2
Math - Orison Duckbills +2
Pagen - Ravager's Calligae +2

Retaliation Has a New Address!

System, Mar 3, 11 3:13 PM.
Retaliation has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

Thank you for choosing GuildPortal as your guild''s home on the web!

Week Beginning 20th Feb 2011

skippii, Feb 23, 11 5:23 PM.

Today we killed Amarok, Orthrus, Bennu and Ouzelum.
Congratulations to Anisie and Cebion for obtaining their Atheling Mantle; Cebion and Math for obtaining Kikugosaku; Skippii for obtaining a Goetia Earring; and everyone who obtained seals and AF3+2 items.


skippii, Feb 15, 11 5:22 PM.

Today we killed Sedna to get some of our members one of their last zone boss clear, as well as killing Durrinn to get MM atma for some of our newer members.
We killed these nms multiple times to farm +2 items for some of our members.
Congrats to all who attained +2 items; and congrats to Kain for getting MNK Feet +2.

We would also like to welcome Pagen to the linkshell; as well as welcoming back Flanx from him break :)


skippii, Feb 8, 11 5:12 PM.

This last week we have been focusing on body and hand seal nms, as well as collecting items for +2 upgrades.
Congrats to all those who obtained seals and upgrade items :)
Our Timetable
Our events run in GMT (UK times)

Event Time
Sunday Freeday  
Monday Freeday  
Tuesday Abyssea
Wednesday Abyssea  7pm
Thursday Dynamis/Sky (alternative)
Friday Limbus/Abyssea  7pm
Saturday Freeday  
(Gather together 15minutes before start time)

Events may change from those stated so please check the calendar regularly.

If you are interested in joining Retaliation Linkshell please use the link at the top of the page to apply.
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